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Kambo, also known as Campu, Sapo , ceremony and sessions held at the North Carolina Triangle area (Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Apex, Chapel Hill). Private settings.

(c) Amir Leron, All Rights Reserved.

(c) Amir Leron, All Rights Reserved.

Before the session. You will be asked to inform your facilitator, Ronen, of any health issues, medications, or supplements you are taking. Fasting before/after a Kambo session should be avoided i.e. eat regularly. Fasting from solid foods (i.e. anything but water or coconut water) begins 8-12 hours prior to the scheduled session. Eating a light meal the night before is also a good idea. Consumption of electrolytes starting the evening before, is recommended and encouraged. More instructions will provided prior to scheduling.

During the session. The space where the session is to take place (often at the client’s house,) is purified by the facilitator. An opening invocation is made to the Spirit of Kambo, and intentions are set. The facilitator then makes several shallow, superficial burns using the ember tip of a vine. These are typically made on the shoulder although other places on the body can be accommodated. The outer layer of skin is scraped so that when applied, the secretion will enter and be absorbed into the body through the lymphatic system. The burns are minor and, while felt, are not much painful.

Next, the participants starts to drink large quantities of water. This is essential for the process to work. In the meantime, the facilitator starts to slowly apply Kmbo “dots” containing the Kambo secretion onto the small burns.

What follows is typically an immediate and intense experience. Most people feel instant rise in body temperature, especially around the head, increased heartbeat, pressure in the head, swelling in the face, lips, ears, and possibly around the throat, sweat, and nausea. All the while, drinking water continues. This is not pleasant. I am yet to meet someone who enjoys Kambo while it is being applied… Yet the results justify the means. At some point during the session, typically within 15 to 30 min, the participant will purge i.e. vomit much of the water consumed. A need to use the toilet may also occur, albeit not that often.
Purging is believed to be a way in which the body eliminates various toxins on both the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels. The facilitator will be watching the participant closely, ready to make changes as needed. Round and about, the dots are applied slowly i.e. one dot to start and then wait and gauge response, especially if it is your first time.

A good advice is to try and relax into the experience. Remember that you are working with a Spirit and have trust. Focus on slow conscious breathing and allowing this medicine to take care of the rest.

Once the facilitator judges the purge to be complete, (blood pressure starts to drop, and the nausea is mostly gone,) he will remove the dots. For most participants the challenging sensations subside rapidly and they feel fine within about 20-30 min. You will be able to lie back and rest. A natural plant resin named Dragon’s Blood is applied onto the dots. It protects the area while the skin burns heal. The Dragon’s Blood drops remain on the skin for about 7-9 days and will fall off on their own when their job is complete. Small burn marks will remain for a long while. Some refer to this as the “Kambo tattoo” and carry it with pride. :-)

After the session. Most participants report feeling an increase in their vital energy, reduction and even removal of inflammation, and a general sense of wellness. The facilitator will follow up with you by phone/text/email within a day of the session being over.

Follow-up sessions. A good number of participants feel the benefit of having a Kambo session regularly e.g. once a month, especially if handling an ongoing chronic condition. Indigenous people also believe that having three Kambo sessions within one moon i.e. about 30 days, makes the medicine inoculate into the receiver. This and other options can be discussed after the first session.

What’s next? If Kambo is something you would like to partake, please contact Ronen. Prior to meeting with Ronen for the first time, you will receive a questionnaire. This will give Ronen an idea of where you are with your health as well as your objectives for the session. If you are clear to proceed, you will also be asked to sign a disclaimer. The next step would be scheduling the actual session.

Cancellation policy. Things happen and, on occasion, an appointment may need to be cancelled or rescheduled. We request a 24 hour notification so the time reserved for you may be open for others in need of our service. Thank you. 

Kambo Ceremony

Kambo, also known as Campu, Sapo, or Vacino da Floresta, is a name given to a secretion harvested from a tree frog called Phyllomedusa bicolor (or Giant Monkey Frog.) This green amphibian is found in the northwestern parts of the Amazon basin.

Kambo has been used for generations by the indigenous tribes of that region to remove “panema" or bad luck. It is also used for bestowing “hunting power”; as an antidote for snakebites, malaria, yellow fever and other epidemic diseases (*).

Kambo is known for its powerful cleansing effects. It is said to strengthen and energize the mind and body of the people partaking in the ceremony. Among indigenous people, Kambo is believed to enabled speed and stamina while consuming less food and sleep during a hunt.  

Is this all a myth or is there science behind this?
Scientific studies of the Kambo secretion started in the 1980’s. An Italian scientist named Vittorio Erspamer of the University of Rome described the secretion as a “fantastic chemical cocktail with potential medical applications, unequaled by any other amphibian”. For more information about the science behind Kambo, please visit this website. Kambo has many benefits, not the least of which are anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties. These help heal infections, empower the immune system, bring about a heightened state of alertness, as well as promoting better mood, feeling less tired, and increasing focus.(*)

The experience of Kambo is quite powerful. The ceremony itself takes about an hour but its effects last weeks, months and even a lifetime. On the long run, Kambo can empower the immune system, overcomes fatigue, and improves general health.(*)
That being said, Kambo is not the solution for all ailments, nor is it recommended for just about anyone. Contraindications to Kambo include (partial list), stroke, high/low blood pressure and other types of heart disease such as bypass, enlarged heart, cardioverter defibrillators, and more. Organ transplant, pericardial effusion, blood clots, and any ongoing serious mental health issues, as well as pregnancy and breastfeeding, are also not recommended conditions for taking Kambo. When discussing whether Kambo is right for you, the facilitator will check about your current health and advise whether you are a good candidate.

Ronen is a Kambo facilitator. As a channeling healer, he works with a wide range of spirits and plant medicines. Ronen brings into his practice a variety of modalities, picking the ones that would best serve his clients.

You can contact Ronen to inquire about a private Kambo session by clicking here, or join a periodical group ceremony when available (events page.)
>> A private Kambo session takes about an hour. First-time Kambo session cost is $150.
>> Subsequent sessions, if required and desired, cost $135.
>> Prices above are for a session at Open Heart Energy offices (downtown Cary,) or at the client’s location if 15 min drive from downtown Cary. For more distant location, additional cost for travel time will apply. Please inquire.
>> Group sessions are also available at a discounted fee. Please inquire if you have a group that is interested.

Haux! Haux!

(*) The benefits described above are highly individualized. Different people experience Kambo in different ways. Kambo is not recognized as a medicine in the USA and thus these statements are not FDA approved.


  • For clarification purposes: Kambo is not illegal in the USA i.e. it does not contain any hallucinatory agents. At current, Kambo has no status as a medicine within the FDA.. 

  • Haux! (pronounced Haush) is a common greeting among the Huni Kuin tribe. It means yes, I agree, so be it, in harmony, kudos, and more.

  • Death or serious injury from Kambo are rare. In the few instances it occurred, accordingly to my research, these took place because of the way Kambo was administered e.g. into the blood in close proximity to the heart. I follow very strict rules about administering Kambo and lean on the side of caution. You are welcome to do your own research on the matter. Kambo is an amazing medicine but it is a venom and should be treated with the utmost respect.