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The below are answers to commonly asked questions.
As we provide various services, some of the FAQ may not be relevant for the specific topic you are interested in.
If you do not find answers here, please contact Ronen

Session length and cost

While most sessions last about 60 minutes, Open Heart Energy offers a host of services and, accordingly, sessions vary in length and cost. Please refer to each individual topic for this information. You are welcome to always contact us and inquire. 

Can you provide references?

Absolutely! Many of the people who come to see Ronen prefer to keep private about it. Most agreed to serve as reference upon request. If you wish to speak with a past/current client, please contact Ronen and that can be arranged. You may also check out our testimonials page here on this site or through multiple social media sites.


The location changes according to the service provided and the client's needs. Workshops, classes and seminars can be arranged at the client's location, if so desired, or at a location that best suits the event. Healing and guidance sessions takes place at Open Heart Energy’s practice, conveniently located right at the center of downtown Cary. Privacy and discretion are assured. In some cases, Ronen may be able to offer these sessions at the client's location. Please inquire with us

Can we speak over the phone first?

I realize that this path of healing and guidance may be new to you, and that a certain level of comfort level is desired before committing to a session. We can schedule a phone call, or even meet for tea/coffee at a local coffee shop. I would be happy to answer any questions and provide additional information. 

Are you a priest, a rabbi, or a guru of some sort?


While an ordained minister with the Sanctuary of the Beloved, my practice is non-denominational. I am just a spirit in a body who had been walking the path for many years, investigating various aspects and practices, and can humbly offer insights based on studies and hands-on experience. Later in my life, I had a very powerful experience, and a clear calling to start offer healing. When I refused, I suffered. That changed when I finally realized it is my destiny in this life. The change was profound. I am no guru, rabbi or priest, at least not in the ordinary meaning of these terms; I am a healer and a guide. I will not tell you what you can and cannot do. All I can offer is facilitated healing and guidance through energetic and astral adjustments, as well as opening a channel for you to discover your true self so you may experience your own path. No conversion is offered or discussed. I personally do not believe in such concepts. A person either walks his/her walk or they do not. I believe in free will.

I have no experience with spirituality

That does not matter. Not at all. All that is required, is an open mind and curiosity. We all have to start somewhere. Better late than never. :-)

How long will I be working with you?

There is no set number of sessions; you can meet with me but once, or decide that an ongoing set of sessions is what you wish to do for a while. If the latter, I suggest meeting not more than once every couple of weeks (some exceptions apply,) as you will need time to digest and integrate your session's insights. 

Would I need to convert?


Spiritual guidance provided by Open Heart Energy is not an intent to have you change your faith; quite the contrary. I would work with you to explore paths that will likely give you a better understanding of your chosen path. If, through the process, you decide to pick another path, that will not be my call or even suggestion. As the ancient Chinese saying goes – many paths lead to the top of the mountain but the view is just the same.

Can we work remotely?

It may be possible, but can be decided only after we speak. Please use the contact form to schedule a call. There is no charge for the initial consultation as to the best course of action. 

What payment methods are available?

We accept cash, Venmo, checks, PayPal, as well as Credit Cards (via PayPal), and Venmo. Our PayPal payment page is: For Venmo, the account is @Ronen-Divon.