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Ronen has a special gift to work in the unseen but felt places within us — the places we don’t understand but know call for help. We’re often too afraid to respond to these calls, or we don’t know what to do. You don’t have to do this work alone. Ronen leverages his intuitive ability to read your energy and respond through a variety of healing techniques. He places your comfort level at the top of his mind so you can completely immerse yourself in the experience. Each session teaches me something about myself, helps me recenter and opens me up. This type of work is not for the faint of heart, and it’s important that you open your mind to the process and allow yourself to feel what must be felt. Ronen is an exceptional guide to have through the journey. I highly recommend including him on your spiritual path. His gifts will help you in powerful ways.
— Crystal O., Raleigh, NC

Ronen has an exceptionally acute sense for energy and a massively gentle heart. That makes for a wonderful reiki practitioner. I highly recommend. I had my first reiki session not just with Ronen, but ever, and it was a great and enlightening experience. Ronen was able to sense areas that are physically giving me trouble as well as emotionally/spiritually, which is what I’m really wanting to focus on. What he sensed was spot on. Looking forward to another session!
— Anastasia E., Sanford, NC

Ronen is just wonderful. I’ve enjoyed meditation and reiki sessions with him. He’s genuine and respectful of the individual. I’m very religious/spiritual and find myself on a higher plane after our meeting. Thanks, Ronen!
— Angela A., Holly Springs, NC

Ronen is such a gift to this world. From the minute I met him in a yoga class that he was teaching, I knew he had MANY deep spiritual gifts to share with me! Ronen is so open, kind, insightful, wise, light-filled and loving. I am deepening my spiritual journey by working with him. I loved the shamanic energy work that I shared with him. He made me feel safe, protected and at ease. His insights and approach has made me pause and rethink my life. Not many people have been able to help me feel and think in new ways so quickly and easily. I was a little unsure when I went to his office for the session. But within minutes I knew that I was in good hands. I love his warm, infectious smile. Ronen is gracious with his time and his ability to connect people together. I can’t recommend him more fully and deeply.
— J. B., Cary, NC

Ronen is an incredibly gifted healer and Reiki Master!!! He worked with me and a miraculous healing took place. His heart is filled with pure love and he sends this highest vibration to help others, he is truly an Angel🙏 I am so grateful we have crossed paths, Walk in Beauty.
— Tiffany S., Dana Point, CA

Ronen offers guidance and support beyond measure through his healing and energy work. He encourages but never demands. He realizes that humans move at their own pace and will walk beside you the entire time. Spirituality is not a race, it is a journey. Ronen is a great companion to have with you during this walk. Highly recommend.
— Jamie F., Raleigh, NC

Everyone needs a Ronen Divon in their lives. He is truly a gifted healer. I feel the positive effects of my sessions with him immediately, and in an ongoing way.
In only 4 appointments so far, I’ve experienced big strides in my healing. We cleared a big energy blockage in my heart, and I feel more balanced and light in my body, with an increased sense of overall wellness and peace.
I highly recommend Ronen & Open Heart Energy for anyone looking to boost and maintain a robust vitality in their body, as well as for someone who may have ongoing issues that have not been cleared through other traditional methods.
Message or call Ronen, as he’s super easy to talk to, and will answer any questions you might have about your healing.
— Aaron Z., Apex, NC

Ronen is an excellent healer. As an energy healer and shamanic healer myself, I can suss out a highly skilled and talented healer from a not so talented or skilled healer. Ronen is both a talented natural healer, highly skilled and also very compassionate. He truly cares about his client’s success and well-being. Like a skilled mechanic, Ronen quickly diagnosed my issue and got to work! Immediately after the session, I felt a bit grumpy, as I had released a lot of stuck energy, but took an epsom salt bath, took a nap, and the next day, I feel great! I feel way more energetic this morning, even though I didn’t sleep much last night, after my session with Ronen. I also feel happier and more at peace. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world, Ronen! The Triangle is lucky to have you.
— Sara J., Raleigh, NC

After suffering a loss and dealing with a long term negative situation I had been feeling not quite my best self. I found Ronen. He is very kind and has great insight. Though I probably not as responsive to the treatment as I would like, I do feel subtle changes to my energy. After the third visit my perspective has much improved! I hope to keep seeing him occasionally, as I feel his support, kindness, and work have helped me turn a corner.
— Julie G., Greensboro, NC

Ronen is a highly skilled and intuitive healer who works through Reiki and other modalities to balance energies and encourage emotional and physical healing. He’s also an amazing ray of light who is compassionate, light-hearted, and extraordinarily interesting. Working with him has been transformative.
— Barbara R., Cary, NC

Reiki with Ronen is truly a wonderful experience. My lower back feels much better and my anxiety has lifted. The power of positive energy really works. Ronen takes the time to treat specific problem areas, which made all the difference. Highly recommend!
— Sheri L., Raleigh, NC

Ronen Divon is a talented multi-dimensional practitioner who blends mind-body-energy healing, spiritual clearing and an approach to client guidance and partnership that resolutely but gently advances personal growth. In practice, his client goal-focused consultation combines with broad and deep expertise in eastern and ancient western healing traditions. Ronen’s deep humanity and spiritual gifts amplify client intentions and effects the changes they seek. He is a bright blessing to the community of healers and to each person in his circle.
— Mary P., Cary, NC

Ronen is such a kind soul. You can tell he is passionate about helping others. I definitely recommend working with him!
— Ashley A., Apex, NC

Ronen is an effective Reiki practitioner. He is professional, mindful and conducts the session with integrity. After the treatment I was tired....for me, that is an indicator of deep healing. I recommend Ronen to anyone serious about energy healing.
— Bonnie C., Cary, NC

After the session with Ronen, I felt much lighter, like weights were lifted off my chest. Ronen’s methods, although unfamiliar to me, resonated with something deep inside. He performed his work with integrity and care. I plan to see him again in the future, whenever the need arises.
— Yvette D., Durham, NC

I had a wonderful experience, Ronen is very insightful and the balance treatment I took was very helpful.
— Noa R., Cary, NC

Ronen is an amazing healer, teacher, guide and mentor. He is extremely well versed in all different cultures and teachings. He has taught me so much about spiritualism, breathing, yoga, tai chi, reiki energy work and to be in the present moment to heal. We have so much more to offer ourselves in this healing journey. Ronen puts your health above all else and gives you a comfortable environment. He did reiki energy work on my leg after a serious injury. It healed beyond what I ever thought was possible. I then deepened my own practices and now teach yoga. He helped me change my life. I highly recommend this gem.
— Rachel O., Washingtonville, NY

I received a healing Reiki energy session from Ronen, which left me feeling ultra clear, focused and balanced. One of the things I found most helpful was the way he used part of the session to hone in on intention setting with me. I find the intention I set in our session keeps popping back to me as a reminder or compass as I navigate choices. He also makes himself available to answer questions and checks in after sessions. Ronen is indeed very gifted as a healer, and I recommend his practice highly.
— Prarna D., Cary, NC