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Reiki & Energy Work

A Reiki and energy work session at Open Heart Energy, located in downtown Cary, NC, includes a certified attuned Reiki facilitator tapping into an energy flow that is all around us. Great for stress relief, challenges related to health, pregnancy, and much more. 

Relaxation, Stress relief, Anxiety, Pregnancy, Healing, centering, humans and Pets, Plants.

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First meeting. Prior to meeting with Ronen for the first time, you will receive a simple one-page in-take questionnaire. This will give Ronen an idea of where you are with your health as well as your objectives. The next step would be a short meeting, or a conversion over the phone, or, if no immediate clarifications are required, scheduling a session.
Please note: first-time client session must be 90 min, afterward 75 min sessions are available.
Please contact Ronen to get started, or click here to access the online appointment calendar. 

Follow-up sessions. If needed and requested, Ronen may work with you either periodically (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly,) or on per-need basis. All this would be discussed after the first session.

Cancellation policy. Things happen and, on occasion, an appointment may need to be cancelled or rescheduled. We request a 24 hour notification so the time reserved for you may be open for others in need of our service. Thank you. 

Reiki & Energy Work

Open Heart Energy offers various modalities of Energy Work. The following information presented in this page is about Reiki. To learn about other forms of Energy Work we offer, please click here.

What can a Reiki session help you with?
Feeling Relax, addressing Stress and Anxiety, Healing (physical, emotional, mental,) Pregnancy (before, during, and after,) connecting with your Center, effective for both Humans & Pets, and much more.

Traditional Usui Reiki

A Reiki session includes a certified attuned Reiki Master facilitator, tapping into an energy flow that is all around us. Some call this energy Life Force, others call it Universal Energy. Either way, it is subtle energy that is in all things, and can be funneled and directed at specific areas. Reiki is most commonly used for relaxation, healing, and also for affirmation of intentions.
A session with Ronen includes cleansing of the client’s peri-spirit, typically done with Palo-Santo, short interview of the client’s current situation and intentions, setting up an affirmation for the session, hands-on Usui Reiki (abouy 55 min of hands-on for a 75 min session), post-work discussion and follow up instructions.  

Reiki, as a form of alternative healing, came into being in Japan in 1922. It was discovered and developed by a Buddhist named Mikao Usui. The technique itself is non-denominational; there is absolutely no religious orientation involved. While originating at the Land of the Rising Sun, Reiki spread all over the world, and was adapted into a multitude of cultural traditions. To date, it is practiced by millions of people.

Reiki practitioners facilitate this healing modality by hovering, or placing their hands directly on the recipient, at specific positions along the body; front and back. The client remains fully dressed and can even be covered with a blanket as they rest on the treatment table. The energy transferred by the facilitator is very nourishing, relaxing and healing. By its nature, Reiki cannot harm; only do good. Most recipients will experience Reiki as a sensation of warmth, tingling, or gentle pulsing waves. Some see colors and have visions, some even hear sounds; although vision and sound are not commonplace experiences. Clients report feeling very relaxed, and most experience deep healing that lasts days and even weeks after the session is over.

Reiki can be applied for helping people, pets and even plants. A typical session is 75 minutes long, but can also be 30 minute (if the focus is a specific limb or one area of the body). A longer session of 90 minutes is available as well (price varies accordingly, please see below). There is no need for any special preparations on the part of the client.

Whether you are a current client, or new to Open Heart Energy, you are most welcome to schedule an appointment with Ronen, the practice’s owner. Please click here to access the online appointment calendar. 


  • The work provided does not include massage or any manipulation of body tissue. All modalities offered by Open Heart Energy, work on the subtle energetic layer, and may include shifts in the etheric, emotional, mental and astral planes.

  • Reiki is wonderful also for pregnancy. Both the mother and baby benefit from the subtle, gentle Reiki energy.

  • Some results may be felt instantly during the session, but often the effects last and/or appear hours, days, and even weeks after the session is completed. Ronen will discuss this with you before and after the first session.

  • Where a challenge is presented that is outside the scope of our work, we will be able to make a reliable referral to other professionals; all in concert with an integrative, holistic approach.

Common Questions

Costs: session cost varies according to the exact nature of the work done. The following list includes most common session types. 

  • Reiki session at Ronen's office costs $90 for 75 min (55 min hands-on,) standard session.

  • Packages of multiple sessions are available at volume discount:

    • Three (x3) 60 min sessions pack is $325 (5% off regular price). 
      Must be used within four weeks of first session, or regular price applies. Purchase now.

    • Five (x5) 60 min sessions pack is $515 (10% off regular price). 
      Must be used within six weeks of first session, or regular price applies. Purchase now.

    • Ten (x10) 60 min sessions pack is $975 (15% off regular price). 
      Must be used within twelve weeks of first session, or regular price applies. Purchase now.

    • For additional packages/options, please inquire with Ronen.

Location: Most energy-work sessions are conducted at Ronen's location in downtown Cary, NC. Ronen may be able to visit the client at their own location after a discussion over the phone or in person. Remote sessions are available as well.

Scheduling: By appointment only, no walk-ins. When possible, we accommodate flexible hours i.e. evenings and weekends. 

For answer to other questions, please check out our FAQ page, or contact Ronen