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Spirit Animals

Photo credit:    Thomas Quine

Photo credit: Thomas Quine

Spirit Animal Retrieval

Spirit Animals, also referred to as Power Animals, are energies available to us for shielding, assistance, and guidance. We each have specific animal spirits more suitable for us at specific phases of our lives. Different cultures have different traditions and methods to identify and retrieve Spirit Animals.

The process deployed draws from various traditions and takes about 30 minutes to complete. The client is lying a mat and the facilitator (Ronen) lays by their side. Drumming is used to alter the state of the facilitator’s consciousness who, in turn, goes into a Shamanic Journey and onto the Lower World to pursue a retrieval.
When the journey is complete and the Spirit Animal is found, the facilitator performs a retrieval and at the last phase, “inserts” it onto the client by means of a blow of breath.

Once the entire process is complete, the facilitator will explain to the client how to form a relationship with the Spirit Animal, honor it, invoke it, and what to do when time comes to part way with the Spirit Animal.

Session cost is $55.