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To Your Health

To Your Health!


Why this Special?
Doing the work that I do, I see how, time and again, clients who receive Reiki consistently, have less ups and downs with their physical, mental, and emotional wellness. This Special was designed to enable maintenance of better ongoing health.

The Special
You are purchasing x3 60 min Reiki sessions, to be used in the course of 30 days, for just $215! This is a super affordable per-session price! 
If you wish to purchase additional sessions during any subscribed month, you may do so at $70 per session.

► Because of the uniqueness of this offer, if you wish to maintain this price, and along it your wellness, the subscription must to be renewed monthly before the end of each month.
► You may use the monthly sessions as you wish e.g. once every ten days, or all three in the same week. However, unused sessions cannot be rolled over to the next monthly period; use it or lose it... :-) More seriously, this is geared for your higher good and better health. 
► This offer is currently available only for new clients to Open Heart Energy and needs to be purchased within 2 weeks of their first visit. 
► You are not committing to purchase more than one month at a time i.e. try it for a month and then decide if to continue. 
► Open Heart Energy reserves the right to change terms or cancel this subscription offer at any time with a 30-day notice to existing subscribers. Pre-existing purchased sessions will be honored if used with six months of purchase(*).

Purchase this subscription and maintain it for at least three months, and when month #3 is paid, you can receive a free session for Power Animal Retrieval (value $65, provided as a service; no cash value.)

► To purchase this special offer for yourselfclick here to book and pay (via PayPal or CC.) If you prefer to pay by another method, please contact Ronen today. 
► Purchasing a Gift Card for someone special in your life? Click here.

(*) Purchase by the offer's expiration date (two weeks after your first visit,) book your appointment anytime within the next 6 months. If booked later than 6 months, minor per session price adjustment may apply.