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Shamanism & Shamanic Work

Open Heart Energy offers various modality of energy-works. These include Reiki, Focused Energy Tuning, and Intensive Shamanic Work. These help with healing, balance, relaxation, a sense of focus and direction. 

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First meeting. Prior to meeting with Ronen for the first time, you will receive a simple one-page in-take questionnaire. This will give Ronen an idea of where you are with your health as well as your objectives. The next step would be a short meeting, or a conversion over the phone, or, if no immediate clarifications are required, scheduling a session.
Please note: first-time client session must be 90 min, afterward 75 min sessions are available.
Please contact Ronen to get started, or click here to access the online appointment calendar. 

Follow-up sessions. If needed and requested, Ronen may work with you either periodically (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly,) or on per-need basis. All this would be discussed after the first session.

A session for Shamanic Work is 75 or 90 min. For Intensive Shamanic Work, a session may take up to 2 hours. For the latter, the client is asked to reserve 3-4 hours of their time. Full instructions are provided ahead of the session. 

Cancellation policy. Things happen and, on occasion, an appointment may need to be cancelled or rescheduled. We request a 24 hour notification so the time reserved for you may be open for others in need of our service. Thank you. 

Shamanic Work

Open Heart Energy offers various modality of healing and guidance. These include Reiki, Energy-Work, Mindfulness, Inner-Growth, as well as Shamanic Work. If unsure which would best fits your needs, we will first do a review of your needs, and take it from there. The information presented on the following page is about Shamanic Work.

Shamanism is a common name for a host of modalities from all over the globe. The origins of the word Shaman are unknown, but it is believed to be derives from the Manchu-Tungus word šaman, meaning 'one who knows' (Source: Wikipedia). This word Shaman had been somewhat adulterated in the West, yet the collective body of work done under this group of modalities is indeed Shamanism.

What can a Shamanic Work session help you with?
Release of Energies that no longer serve you, connection with ancestral roots, visions, exploration of one’s higher-self, Spirit Animal retrieval, refiling the Peri-spirit (often confused with Soul-Retrieval), Divination, removal of Karmic Hooks, Space Cleansing, and much more.

A typical session does not exist as no two sessions are alike. Session may include elements of Energy-Work, channeling, drumming, journeying, invocations of Caboclos and Orixás, mediumship, Rapé (pronounced Hape) as well as other plant medicine, and whatever is needed to achieve the client’s unique objective. .

Treatment is  provided on a mat, with the client being fully clothed to their comfort. Work may be performed on the front and/or the back of the body. Clients typically report a sense of clarity, focus, awakening, sense of center, and discovery of root causes for current conditions. 


  • The work provided does not include massage or manipulation of body tissue. All modalities work on the energetic level, and may include shifts in the etheric, emotional, mental and astral planes.

  • Some results may be felt directly and immediately during the session, but often the effects last and/or appear hours, days, and even weeks after the session is completed. Ronen will discuss this with you before and after the first session. Journaling is recommended.

  • Where a challenge is presented that is outside the scope of our work, we will be able to make a reliable referral to other professionals; all in concert with an integrative, holistic approach.

Common Questions

Costs: session cost varies according to the exact nature of the work done. The following list includes most common session types. 

  • Shamanic Work session at Ronen's office costs $115 for 75 min.

  • Packages of multiple sessions are available at volume discount:

    • Three (x3) 75 min sessions pack is $325 (5% off regular price). 
      Must be used within four weeks of first session, or regular price applies. Purchase now.

    • Five (x5) 75 min sessions pack is $515 (10% off regular price). 
      Must be used within six weeks of first session, or regular price applies. Purchase now.

    • Ten (x10) 75 min sessions pack is $975 (15% off regular price). 
      Must be used within twelve weeks of first session, or regular price applies. Purchase now.

    • For additional packages/options, please inquire with Ronen.

Location: Most Shamanic Work sessions are conducted at Ronen's location in downtown Cary, NC. Ronen may be able to visit the client at their own location after a discussion over the phone or in person. Remote sessions are available as well.

Scheduling: By appointment only, no walk-ins. When possible, we accommodate flexible hours i.e. evenings and weekends. 

For answer to other questions, please check out our FAQ page, or contact Ronen