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Rapé Ceremony


Rapé (pronounced Hape) is a sacred shamanic medicine used by tribes of the Amazon as well as other South American indigenous cultures for thousands of years. Rapé is legal in the USA i.e. it does not contain any hallucinatory agents. It is a mean to focus the mind, release energies that do not serve us, and much, much more. 

While I do not endorse the following website i.e. I have not purchased anything from them, you can find a good description of what Rapé is, including background, how it is prepared, and how it is served by clicking here.

Rapé, when applied and served in a manner that honors the tradition it is coming from, is a powerful medicine. It can provide insight, guidance, protection, and healing. It is a holy sacrament, not a substance, and thus should be treated accordingly. When working with Rapé, we work with the Rapé Spirit. It is best to be served Rapé by a facilitator that is familiar and honors the tradition.

Ronen had been working with several Rapé Spirits over the past few years. He is familiar with Plant Medicine and is a seasoned facilitator.

You can schedule a personal Rapé Ceremony session with Ronen by clicking here, or join a periodical shared ceremony by checking our events page.

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