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First meeting. Prior to meeting with Ronen for the first time, you will receive a simple one-page in-take questionnaire. This will give Ronen an idea of where you are with your health as well as your objectives. The next step would be a short meeting, or a conversion over the phone, or, if no immediate clarifications are required, scheduling a session.
Please contact Ronen to get started, or click here to access the online appointment calendar. 

Follow-up sessions. If needed and requested, Ronen may work with you either periodically (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly,) or on per-need basis. All this would be discussed after the first session.

Cancellation policy. Things happen and, on occasion, an appointment may need to be cancelled or rescheduled. We request a 24 hour notification so the time reserved for you may be open for others in need of our service. Thank you. 

Rapé Ceremony

Rapé (pronounced Hape) is a sacred shamanic medicine used by tribes of the Amazon as well as other South American indigenous cultures for thousands of years. It is a snuff made of various tree ashes, combined with fine tobacco. The latter is not the common type used in cigarettes, but rather Nicotina Rustica which is highly potent. The resulting powder is highly refined.

When applied and served in a manner that honors the tradition it is coming from, Rapé is a powerful medicine. It can provide insight, guidance, protection, cleansing and healing. It is a holy sacrament, not a substance, and thus should be treated accordingly. When working with Rapé, we work with the Rapé Spirit. Each blend has a different spirit associated with it.

In a Rapé ceremony, we first honor the spirit of smoke (Defuma,) and then conduct an opening prayer handled by the facilitator. The participants are asked to have an intention in mind before receiving the Rapé which is served individually. The snuff is then administered by a special blow pipe called Tepi, one nostril at a time. Instructions as to the process are provided during the ceremony.

The experience of Rapé is quite powerful and can last anything from a few minutes to several hours and days.

Over the past few years Ronen had been working with several Rapé Spirits. He is familiar with Plant Medicine and is a seasoned facilitator.

You can schedule a private Rapé session with Ronen by clicking here, or join a periodical group Rapé Ceremony by checking our events page. A typical private Rapé session takes about 50 minutes. Cost is $75.

Haux! Haux!


  • For clarification purposes: Rapé is legal in the USA i.e. it does not contain any hallucinatory agents. It is a mean to focus the mind, release energies that do not serve us, and much, much more. 

  • Haux! (pronounced Haush) is a common greeting among the Huni Kuin tribe. It means yes, I agree, so be it, in harmony, kudos, and more.

  • Several types of Rapé as well as Kuripe (a self administration blowpipe) are available for purchase at Open Heart Energy. Please inquire with Ronen.